Travel operator system

TraveliX designed for wholesale and retail tourism agencies and allows full management of agency products and the creation of new, structured and free products, inventory management, order creation and financial accounting with suppliers and agents.

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TRAVELIX is an Internet system that manages flight and hotel inventory and allows you to build flights and packages that include: flights and hotels, flights with car rental, flights with hotels and car rentals, and organized travel packages.

The system provides: complete bookings creation, Create packages, production accounting reports that include complete statistics on Sales and Profits, the system fully interfaces with ALP and LDS Saber's systems



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  • Flight series inventory management
  • Differentiate between charter flights and regular flights
  • Set up flights with stop / intermediate stops
  • Cost and price management
  • Extended flight display
  • Send a passenger list to the airlines

Producing and sending client documents by E-mail

Creating a series of flights recursively

  • Allocations/Commitment according to dates, room types and different agents/clients.
  • Managing rooms reserve in order to assign guests to specific rooms
  • Online confirm / decline rooms by suppliers and update reservation status
  • Managing alternative hotels
  • Automatic costs system, that manages prices list by: destinations, dates, stay duration, suppliers
  • Producing vouchers to the suppliers and clients (transfer include).
  • Execute hotel reservation directly through the supplier with immediate approval
  • Create and manage a single organized tour or a repeat series of tours
  • Create travel plan templates that include detailed information about the tour, What is included / not included, photos, attractions and events per day, travel routes, guide details
  • Setting different prices for each room type on the tour
  • Automatically create group reservation per each departure date and link each individual order to the relevant group reservation

Creating all types of packages and the price is done conveniently and quickly.( No need to type or import files)

Managing packages, includes Flights, Hotels, Car Rentals and organize tours events by dates and destination.

Dynamic and flexible pricing capabilities according to varied parameters for instance: stay length, reservation date, departure date, package type and more.

Packages control system, with data inspection

Placing packages to promote, in the client’s web sites

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